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Spandana Classical Arts - Classical Indian Dance Classes - SEATTLE

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about us

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An institution established in 2022 for the purpose of sharing Indian classical art to the next generation.
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What do you learn in Spandana

Classes are structured in a way that suits the students of genuine interest in learning the ancient artform
  • Students will be taught Nritta (a presentation of rhythm through graceful body movements), Abinaya (Facial Expressions), Hastas (hand gestures) and much more theoretical and practical aspects
  • Students will be trained at all levels –
    • Beginner (suitable for 6+ age groups)
    • Intermediate (with some experience learning adavus)
    • Advanced (students looking for In-depth learning with respect to Nritta &Abhinaya)
  • A beginner will learn Adavus that form the foundation of Bharatanatyam.
  • At Intermediate level, the students will be introduced to Nritta pieces where the complex rhythmic patterns are taught.
  • At Advanced level, the students will be introduced to Abhinaya pieces combined with rhythmic patterns.
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