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Spandana Classical Arts offering to the world of Bharatanatyam dancers, to help hone their talent, skill and training into excellence and perfection.

3 levels of dance Classes at Spandana:

  • Online group/individual Classes are conducted through Skype/Teams
  • In-person group classes are based in Bothell, WA
  • Teaching pace will be modified depending on the grasping capacity of the student
  • Every class is of 1 hour duration and 1 class per week.
  • Kids (6+), Adults (20+) can register for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced lessons.

Bharatanatyam dance classes in Spandana seattle


A beginner will learn Adavus that form the foundation of Bharatanatyam.
Class Duration - 1 hour/week

Classical Indian Dance

At Intermediate level, the students will be introduced to Nritta pieces where the complex rhythmic patterns are taught.
Class Duration - 1 hour/week


At the Advanced level, the students will be introduced to Abhinaya pieces combined with rhythmic patterns.

on Saturdays, 

starting April 1, 2023

Adavu classical Indian Dance

adavu abhyasa

Dancers Get-together - Join us to revisit and practice Bharatanatyam adavus with a like-minded group. Session intended to continuously practice, revise, practice, and fine-tune adavus

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$20 per drop-in session ($55 per month)
  • 3 classes per month
  • No refunds on cancellations

Bharatanatyam practitioners of age 15+ trained in adavus

1 session/ week for 50 minutes each mainly focusing on adavus 
No, this is only for practitioners familiar with Bharatanatyam’s basics. Please email us ([email protected]) to enroll  for the beginners batch if you want to learn this art form.
This session helps in recollecting the basics and relearn through the process
Not necessary, this session is open for practitioners from any style of Bharatanatyam
This session requires only familiarity with the adavus and does not require years of training.


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MON-FRI 10:00 – 17:00

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1211 164th st SW
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