Smt.Manaswini Sridhar Balakumar
is a Indian Classical Dance practitioner of Vazhuvur Style Bharatanatyam
Disciple of Guru Suma Mani (Suma Mani, first disciple of Padmasri Awardee Danseuse Shobana, Kalarpana),from year 2003 to 2016
Practising on her own at Seattle, WA since 2017.
Learning Nattuvangam with Guru Hemant Lakshmanan, Kerala.
Rendered recently for Navarathri festival at Sri Lakshmi festival, Ashland
Started her own dance school, SPANDANA CLASSICAL ARTS at Seattle, WA
Endowed with a sprightly stage presence, Manaswini Sridhar brings to her audience a refreshing presentation of Bharathanatyam, exhibited through her strong sense of rhythm, scintillating nritta and lively abhinaya.
Her abilities were recognized very early and she has been the recipient of numerous awards at both interschool and   intercollegiate levels, apart from having won all round appreciation and accolades from the press and public.
On one of her Bharatanatyam performances during Chennai Music Season, THE HINDU said, “With single minded focus, Manaswini quickly established herself as a dancer with excellent timing. expressive face, supple body, her natural stage persona translated into easy and effective elaborations” .
At the tender age of nine (2004), during her Arangetram, Manaswini had the rare privilege of  being blessed by the Great Danseuse Naattiya Peroli Padmini   when she said she could see a ” Little Shobana” in her.
Enjoying the fruits of her Guru’s benevolence, Manaswini presented Shathathama Ranga Pravesham which marked her 10th year as a performing dancer (March 2014) and 100th rendition of her Guru’s productions.  She acknowledges her sincere thanks to her Guru Suma Mani and she believes that her “Shathathama Ranga Pravesham”  is an excellent outcome of  her 10 year Guru Shishya relationship and it is this bond that took her knowledge forward in her every rendition.